How to achieve your goals and live your dream.


  1. It is great to wish for amazing things for yourself. But you really need to first ask yourself what makes you think you deserve it and what are you doing to get it?
  2. Everyone wishes for many things in life, some are realistic, some are achievable and some are impossible or unrealistic. But only few truly work hard towards accomplishing them without giving up.
  3. Often it is the ordinary people who have accomplished the extraordinary things in life. Which only goes to prove that if one sets their mind, work hard and smart towards achieving them, do not fear failures but use it as a necessary lessons towards success then extraordinary wishes can also come true.
  4. People may not think what you wish for can be accomplished. They may laugh, criticize, discourage or ridicule. But you can keep moving ahead, setting and and meeting all the milestones, persevere, fulfill that wish, and prove your critics wrong.
  5. Every great accomplishment in history faced the severest of challenges and difficulties. But they were determined to fulfill their dreams and carve out their own destiny. So be rest assured, you will most likely walk the same path towards fulfilling your dreams.
  6. A method to your madness is the first step towards achieving your goals in life. It is imperative that you develop a clear thought process, planning and execution of your work in setting out to achieve your goals. There is no exception to this rule. There are no short cuts to success.
  7. The secret of success is planning for failures. You will fail. Iy could be due to your mistake, or a system or other individual letting you down. But failure is a very real possibility. Planning how to overcome or circumvent in the event of failure will only help you achieve your goals faster.
  8. One needs to recognize their mistakes. Often a process will not work. You need to reevaluate, redesign and reapply in order to succeed. But the wisdom to see and realize that a change is needed is the most important skill needed to succeed.
  9. The most prominent and major factor that stops many from achieving their dreams and fulfilling their wishes is “Procrastination”. Tomorrow is just another day that your intellect will help you find another excuse. But today is the day you can do things that will change your tomorrow. So, you need to start working today if you truly wish to achieve your goal.
  10. Progress is sadly your responsibility. No one is going to tap your shoulder one day and hand you a ticket to success. You have to work hard and keep moving ahead. This will often get you in the right place at the right time. But if you do nothing you are 100% set to accomplish nothing. But the moment you take the chance to succeed and work towards it. You have increased your odds by 50%. From that moment on you can either succeed or fail, but you have the odds in your favor because you have taken the step.