10 important things you learn through the decades …only too late..


…but imagine if you knew and used this wisdom when you needed most ?

In your 20’s

1)      Reality is bitter than you expected

2)      Nothing is fair

3)      Hard work or integrity is not enough to succeed

4)      The opposite sex are also just as skeptical and flirtatious as you are

5)      There is nothing called one true love

6)      Youth is invigorating

7)      Your body will only weaken as you get older

8)      The relationships you make can last you a life time

9)      Your character defines your destiny

10)   True education is lot more than just getting a Certificate, it’s the experiences through the process that truly makes you.

In your 30’s

1)      The opposite sex puts on an image to impress you and drops the pretense once they get you.

2)      Bosses need to be assholes to climb up the corporate ladder

3)      It is not what you know, but who you know that helps you become successful fast

4)      An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance

5)      If you had taken the chances in your 20’s you could have been far better off in your 30’s and you still have time

6)      Honesty eventually prevails and rewards only in terms of peace of mind and guiltless bliss.

7)      People lie to impress and make a big noise. And those who are truly impressive in character and achievements are the most unassuming and modest.

8)      Everyone is nice but necessarily smart or trust worthy

9)      Failure is not the end of the road. It just the beginning of a new story that is lot more exciting and better.

10)   People who appreciate the fake you, quickly leave the real you and vice versa.

In your 40’s

1)      Being cynical is a total waste of time and makes you look stupid

2)      Holding grudges only aggravates you and makes you a bitter person

3)      If you need it, it is your responsibility to do what every it takes to get it

4)      A pleasant day, good friends, great food, and plenty of humor is lot more valuable than fancy cars, big houses and latest gadgets

5)      Kids will grow as they please and they are fully aware and responsible of their own density. You have very little control of it.

6)      You knew what the right thing to do all along was but still chose the wrong option often.

7)      Your image about yourself is over rated

8)      Reading and learning new things is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

9)      You can only reason with reasonable people

10)   Religion and the rituals within are a total waste of time. But spirituality and divinity is satisfying.

In your 50’s

1)      Life is too short

2)      It’s never too late to achieve more and do what you like most

3)      If you are still married you most likely married your true best friend. If you are single you are better off being single and happy.

4)      As you grow older your body pays for your sins of indulgence and deliberate negligence through the ages

5)      Babies are lot more cute and satisfying when you do not have to raise them

6)      Not updating yourself and upgrading your knowledgebase as per the changing times is the biggest blunder you had made.

7)      Animals are much better than people

8)      Generosity and forgiveness is the greatest ability you have that you seldom used

9)      All your actions due to your arrogance through the ages gives you sleepless nights

10)   If you have raised them right with good values, intelligent thinking skills to achieve their fullest potential and encouraged them to take the risks to achieve their dreams you will be proud of your kids successes now