When you know everything and do nothing….



A man trips over a stone on a busy sidewalk across a café. This incident caught the eye of six different individuals.

1)      A teenage standing by – He laughed at the incident because he found the expression of shock and confusion on the man’s face to be funny while he struggled to regain his balance.

2)     A man walking behind – He took a wider step to avoid the stone and walked away.

3)     A woman walking in the opposite direction from the man who tripped – She walked by, kicked the stone off the pavement and continued walking away.

4)     Another woman who was approaching the area – She stopped texting and put her phone away. Began to walk briskly and with more attention to the pavement.

5)     Two men sitting at the café. Man # 1 – He expressed his disappointment at the city/municipality for not keeping the pathways clean and safe.

6)     Man #2 at the café – Couldn’t care less of the event, but did mention that the man got what he deserved because he didn’t pay attention to where we was walking.

You will notice that each individual had a distinctive attitude towards the event that occurred. Now, pick the best and most reasonable attitude/action from these set of individuals.

In all honesty ask yourself which attitude would you most likely associate yourself with?

The amusing thing about people is; although they believe and try to act as the most intelligent species on the planet, they often tend to do things that is quite the opposite of their belief. They are probably the only species who knowingly chose to do the wrong thing at times. For example: We know that smoking tobacco is injurious to health, yet some of us chose to smoke. Similarly, we know that we can change our destiny and accomplish many great things in life, yet some of us choose to never put in the effort to achieve their fullest potential. We can lead but we choose to follow, we can think but we chose to lean on other people’s opinions, we can solve our problems but we chose to find reasons to blame our situation on etc.


The difference between an intelligent and successful person and the one who succumbs to a difficult life is often in their individual choice in doing two simple things.

1)      Learning: You can learn from the man who tripped at the sidewalk and avoid doing the same mistake yourself. But if you choose not to learn from that you will most likely be the next person to trip over that stone. Next you can learn to pay more attention to the sidewalk and walk briskly from that woman. Then again, you can trip over the stone and chose not to learn from that woman and probably trip over another stone.

What really stops you from learning is the arrogance of not willing to accept your fault. You would rather defy the fact that you are wrong than accept and learn to correct your mistakes. To have the wisdom to put aside your ego and have the humility to self analyze, learn and rectify is the one behavior that will ensure your success in several aspects of your life.

2)     Inaction: Ask yourself, how many times others have given you a piece of advice that you already knew. Well it is most likely because you have not taken what you have learned and put it to action. What good is wisdom, knowledge and intellect if you are not going to use it to your own personal benefit? You might as well join the group of people who do the wrong things by choice and face the eventual consequences.

Going back to the story of the man who tripped. You can either chose to be a whiner, be cynical, be judgmental, careless and irresponsible, or take the responsibility to correct what is wrong, be careful, learn from yours and other peoples mistake and take the responsibility of accomplishing more and being successful and happy.

If you are unhappy, feel stagnated, boxed in, and helpless, then get up, device your own solutions and make the change. Learn and take action. No one is going to whack the bushes and pave your path for you, simply because they are too busy making their own paths or facing the consequences of their own inactions. The real question you need to ask yourself is; what am “I” doing about it?


PS. In today’s world where you have instant information sitting on your mobile browser in your pocket, you have lost all your excuses for not knowing something you really should.