Lead and shape your destiny this year



I have been writing and talking a lot about “change” in terms how one can become better and progress towards greater accomplishments and successes, personally, professionally and in certain ways spiritually. But as tradition has it the most popular time when people look forwards towards and are open to the concept of change happens to be with the beginning of a New Year! Not that it really is an auspicious time for changing for the better and an market time for some honest introspection or reflection, because these can really be all the time anytime of the year. But in the assumption that a new year flips a page for a new chapter it perhaps gives us the much needed break through the holidays to truly spend some time in reflecting and planning forward towards a new year ahead.

Given the changes all through the years in terms of the world in general, economic changes, and how technology has changed or is controlling our behavior, one thing that we truly need to embrace in this New Year is that we absolutely need to change. We have to give up and let go of the old for the new and be open to the fact that if we need to merely survive, we must become more agile and work towards getting out of our comfort zone to change for the better.

If there is one thing that will enable a true personal change for the better, it is the willingness to “Lead your Destiny”. What does this mean? Well, it is important to first ask ourselves this question. Do I follow other people’s advice and take decisions based on their opinions OR Do I choose to learn things my way based on how I see things and have the courage to shape my destiny the way I choose to? The former is simply put leans towards being a Conformist mostly while the later leans towards being a leader. The former is most likely to be lost in the crowd whereas the later has a greater chance of standing out. The former is any person within the ordinary whereas the later are the likes of Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Henry Fort, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mark Zuckerberg and so on.

The person who chooses to lead their destiny adopts a few key characteristics in an effort to do it their way. They are: Choosing to self-learn as opposed to lie by other peoples opinion, take responsibility of their lives as opposed to letting others and circumstances shape their lives, and above all, take action towards their own progress and betterment as opposed to waiting for the most opportune time or busy finding excuses to procrastinate.   And Change, happens just by taking on these thought processes and having the courage to lead your own destiny.

So this year, perhaps you can choose to accomplish the things you didn’t the year before. And this year you may make the greatest shift in your life by “Leading and shaping your Destiny! ”