Discover your many INDIVIDUAL POWERS: What can you truly control, influence and change?



The feeling of helplessness is often experienced by many of us in several instances daily. Bad economy, weather, political situation are a few things we certainly cannot change. As an individual in a group of likeminded people there are a very few things we can do to bring about major changes, with focused collective efforts there may be many greater things we can do. But what about the few things that as individuals that we can truly control, influence and change? What is the power of our individuality and individual influence?

Imagine if you were in a bad relationship or currently trapped in a job that you are absolutely unhappy with. Both of these situations can result in many serious complications and concerns that will eventually take its toll on your health, happiness, and before you realize you may have spent considerable time from your life that you could have spent otherwise being happy and progressing towards better things. What are your options as an individual to change this situation? More often than one realizes they opt to deflect, argue or tolerate such situations much longer than they need to. This is the most common path one chooses because it seems to be the easiest, less stressful and rational because nothing stays the same forever. That is because every situation passes, reason prevails and people move on with other matters over time. Arguments fade away with reason, other matters take precedence, and humor falls through the cracks of stress and bad experiences melts away. Tomorrow is another day with a different issue on hand. This is the most common path that an individual most often endures in the process of dealing with a stressful situation.

But imagine if one opts otherwise. What if the individual chooses to spend time to understand the matter on hand and what is the basis of these stress factors? What if an individual thinks through the process of resolving this situation and begins to device and analyses each option they could exercise to change things for the better? As opposed to deflection, escapism or simmering things down, how about thinking, discussion, reasoning, communication, and/or taking action towards a solution, resolution and changing things for the better. In the two above mentioned situations if a resolution cannot be reached then the right thing to do become apparent and you can clearly see the path to get out of the situation and walk towards a different relationship or job. But this happens only uses their individual power of reasoning, rational thinking and taking logical steps towards a resolution. Or else one falls back into the routine of picking themselves up, dusting up and walking back into the same path until the next fall.

There are several aspects in one’s life that can be changed by exercising the individual power of thinking things out clearly, rationality and taking progressive steps towards working out a solution. Weather it is a relationship issue, a weight problem, a work related aspect, or a personal ambition in life, the power to change things around for the better and shape your destiny is within you. But this is seldom realized and exercised by many of us. Many a times in one’s life the power of choice and the power to take positive action is neglected or missed due to our common practice of worrying and stressing over a negative situation and the consequences it may bring about.

But the path towards a solution or success is often designed with several hurdles, challenges, and obstacles. There may be opposition, challenging situations, sacrifices to be made and at times certain losses. But then again with the individual power of your attitude towards each of these situations you can most often develop a solution. Just like every successful scientist, politician, businessman, or those who have achieved extraordinary fetes in life have, you too will prevail and endure all sorts of challenges ultimately to achieve your personal wins and successes. In doing so, you will realize the yet another individual power that you possess. And this perhaps is one of the most powerful of your individual powers. That is the power of your reaction. If you think about it with some clarity, you will understand that your whole life is a result of your reactions to life situations. Life just happens to everyone. No one has said that life is fair. Life encompasses bad, good, stress, challenges, peace, tranquility, spirituality, pain and happiness. But how you as an individual reacts to each and every one of these situations begins a chain of events and experiences that shapes your path towards your destiny.

Thus, there isn’t much you can do as an individual with regards to only a few things, but by exercising your many individual powers you will soon begin to leverage your many small successes to gather a certain level of credibility that will give birth to yet another individual power of influence. By substantiating with your many individual powers such as power of rationality, choice, reasoning, logic and reactions, you will be able to influence greater changes in life and gather many other people to support your cause. But this begins with you exercising your many individual powers to make personal positive changes and progress with every situation you face in life.  By using clarity, courage, positivity, rationality and the will to exercise your power to find solutions there is very little than one can truly not change or manage in life. This is what makes one’s life worth living. Begin to realize and exercise your many Individual powers today. Try using them today! For they will unleash several other powers you will soon experience such as power of tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy and love.

By not exercising your individual powers to change your life around, you will only continue your life just the way it has been thus far.