The key to solving your problems


We tend to spend more time worrying about our problems and the consequences of a problem more than thinking out a solution to them. I guess that just the way we are wired. But what if we were to take a serious look at how we approach our problems in life and develop a more intelligent practice to overcome them?  How will that change our lives?

Many of us are faced with several different problems all through our lives. Some of us handle them well and some do not. The strange thing about these problems is that most of us eventually live through them or manage to overcome them. The most common path chosen by people is to wait it out. The idea behind this approach lies in the belief that many problems solve themselves as different factors will push it towards a solution. But the problem with this approach is that often such problems just happen to fade away for a while and creep back up as a bigger problem. Problems that aren’t solved and ended have a natural tendency to snow ball into something bigger. Problems ignored almost always fester into bigger ordeals. And strangely the bigger ordeals have an uncanny way of hitting us at the least expected or the most detrimental time in our lives.

So what can we do with such problems? Regardless of its nature or timing how can we approach our problems in an intelligent manner? Whether it is a relationship problem, a work related problem, a social dilemma, or a complex financial challenge, the attitude we take to these challenged determines the outcome and the nature of the consequences. Also, interestingly enough our problems and solutions to our life problems have a profound effect on our lives and the destiny.  We shape our lives by our reactions to the events that happen to us. And the reactions we choose is often the only factor that is within our control. This also develops our character and personality by which we are often judged by our peers and others regardless of the fact that we like it or not.

One of the most interesting concepts that I have come to believe in and use in solving life problems lies in our attitude. If we approach every problem that we face in our lives as though it were a unique opportunity given to us to develop a solution for it, we will perhaps adapt a more intelligent approach towards solving it. Because problems are only a problems until a solution could be found. But the devil is in what we spend our time on. If we stop spending more time on worrying about the consequences of a given problems and use that time to think out and search for a solution to the problems we will often resolve many of our issues sooner and reduce many of the negative effects the unwanted stress we endure by worrying. Also how soon we apply the solutions we develop to the problem is equally important. Procrastinating on finding a solution or to apply a solution to problems will only worsen the matter on hand. It is best to proactively taken on the challenge and get to fixing the issue rather then wait until we face the consequences of the problem.

We now live in an age and times were wisdom and information is readily and easily accessible to us. People are rapidly gaining and learning a lot of information by using the mobile browsers we have at our disposal. If we do not know anything today, it is likely because we haven’t taken the time to learn about it and educate ourselves. In our world today, ignorance is inexcusable or forgivable. The responsibility of our success, growth and progress by overcoming our problems and challenges has never been more within our reach than ever before.  Solutions and opportunities do
not come by and tap our shoulder one day. Only those who take the time and effort to go find them eventually progress and succeed in life. The era of excuses and blame game is rapidly ending in the light of advanced technology and terabytes of information floating around all of us today. We also cannot blame others for giving us bad advice anymore. The responsibility of solving our problems is ours and therein lays the responsibility of finding and choosing the appropriate solution from the numerous options we can find and learn.

So take a fresh attitude of an intelligent problems solver the next time you come across a challenging situation as opposed to playing the victim. You will be very surprised to learn that the choices you made got you into the problems in the first place, but also you will still hold the choice on finding and developing the solution to your problems. It is absolutely to mull over the problems for a while, but certainly worrying about the consequences will always prove to be a waste of time. Then again, you may also chose to endure the consequences for a problem and device a solution to be least affected by it. Either way, the solution lies in your hand and so does the attitude you take to the challenge.