Are you a Change maker?


Companies hire intelligent out of the box thinkers and then force them to conform to their systems and age old processes. Likewise, following conventional wisdom and doing what you are told often limits your ability to achieve more and accomplish greater things in life. The world keeps changing rapidly. The world in the 1983 was lot different from the world today in 2013. We have gone from Sony Walkman in the early 80’s to the iPhones in the 2013’s.  What we have learned as a child is lot different now. In just 30 years we have exponentially progressed. And the most interesting part about this change is that, it was made possible by a hand full of Self Learners/Non Conformists. Are you the next Changemaker?

This 13+ minute video talks about one of the key drivers of change – “Learning Process”. The speaker shows how self learning and not conforming to conventional wisdom can help you achieve greater things in life and use your full potential to become successful and accomplish amazing things.