What stands between you and your potential?


Many of us often take pride in thinking of ourselves as the most intelligent species. We have the ability to rationalize things, use and apply logic in our thinking and understand things better. Yet we are perhaps the only species who knowingly do the most atrocious of things in life. For instance we fully well are aware of the dangers of smoking and still chose to smoke. We are aware of the consequences and troubles of being overweight and yet we chose to indulge to the extent of becoming seriously unhealthy.

Thinking further about the possible reason for this behaviour leads to several factors that affect the choices we make about our lives. But the most common and detrimental is the arrogance of denial. This stems from a thought pattern where we begin to believe that we know everything that we need to know about a given subject. And many of us would certainly know a person or two in our lives who are like this. They seem t have not just an opinion, but they believe to have the only right opinion about things. They have an answer or an argument to justify everything that they have an opinion about. But the question we need to ask ourselves in if we are one of them.

We tend to judge ourselves based on what we think we can do or achieve in our lives. We know our potential and what we are capable of doing and based on this dream we build an image of ourselves in our mind and live in this dream. But the world around us judge us by what we truly do, say and how we behave. We can argue intelligently about many things in life. Of course we can siphon out an abundance of information out of our trusted friend Google or Wikipedia (regardless of it being true or not). And we can throw this short term invalidated information to unsuspecting minds when we need it to defend ourselves. And when others do not contest our opinions we feel validated and valued. However  often others may not necessarily disagree or contest our statements to our face because, like many of us, they too may consider it to be impolite and rude to comment or offer unsolicited advice to anyone. Yet regardless of how we see ourselves, we are quietly judged by our behaviour. But still many of us do not live up to our potential or do things that enables us to get closer to our goals and success in life. We hide under our excuses, procrastinate or deny the fact that we can truly do and achieve great things in life.

Many of us seriously fail to realize the value of our existence and personality on other peoples’ lives. We are all social animals and thrive on relationships and interaction with others. We draw a lot of strength from others, depend on emotional support, moral advice, love, and seek comfort and security from many different relationships. To a great extent we rely on some of these relationships to a great extent. And when things go awry in such key relationships and/or we lose a relationship or someone, it invariably has a very adverse effect in our lives. But what we fail to realize and understand that we ourselves are such key players in other peoples’ lives. They too depend on us for various reasons and we have considerable impact on their lives, well being, mind set and personality. And what we say, do and how we conduct ourselves seriously affects our surrounding and deeply impacts the lives of those close to us. Like we get inspired from others, other people seek and get inspired from us too. Hence there is some serious level of responsibility we need to carry not just for our own, but for those who mean a lot to us and love us as well. These key relationships could be our parents, children, siblings, friends, nieces or nephews and weather we accept it or not, we do have a substantial influence on them many a times in our life.

So, if we truly are responsible, intelligent and knowledgeable people and we like others to respect us for these attributes and we build our own internal images of ourselves based on these, then we absolutely have no excuse to behave otherwise. Deliberate ignorance, arrogant denials and excuses have absolutely no place in our self development and well being. If we know what is the right thing to do and we there is nothing stopping us from doing it other than our arrogance, laziness or denial. We have to stop, think and do what is right in our lives. And we need to take action on things that we know is right. If you know that you cannot afford to procrastinate on a job that has to be done, get up and do it. You know that your eating habits are unhealthy? Stop it today. Get on a healthy eating plan today, not on Monday or the 1st of next month. You have to do it now. If you know what you need to do to grow in your carrier, make more money, become successful, then do it now. If you know what is the right thing to do to realize your dreams, ambition and success, there is absolutely no excuse for an intelligent person to procrastinate.

We love our egos. Who doesn’t want acknowledgement, respect, adoration and love? We often demand as opposed to command the love and respect we have given ourselves from others.  We expect these from our friends, parents, spouses, children, siblings, colleagues, bosses etc all though our lives. Many of us do very little to earn these in our lives when we all have a lot of potential to go many things to get them. We either are blinded by our egos, denials, and arrogance or hide behind our excuses, circumstances, or blaming others or we succumb to our laziness, procrastination or aimlessness. Yet we dream. We dream of several things we desire and imagine that we can achieve it.

Then there are those who get up, learn, work hard, self develop and step by step and every day work towards their dreams and goals in life. They face their set of challenges along the way, find ways to develop solutions for them, fail, fall get hurt, but then they get up, dust themselves up and get back on the saddle. And with such perseverance and determination they achieve many great things in life. They gain the wisdom and then they develop on opinion that others can value. Yet many such individuals they have the humility not to be imposing and arrogant with their wisdom and opinions. They know what is right, and they took the step. They lived up to the intelligence they posses, they used their potential, and made their life purposeful and worthwhile.

The two things that stands between you and your potental:

You are not any different from such achievers. You are just the same in many ways.

What differentiates you from such successful people are just two simple things:

1)       If you are blinded by your arrogance or you hide under excuses. THEN IT IS Your attitude about self and your potential.

2)      If you know everything that you need to do in life. THEN IT IS Your inaction!!

Other than these two aspects you are essentially the same in many ways. You too can learn, work hard, develop solutions, self develop, learn from failures, face challenges, and yet persevere, be determined, and step by step get closer to the things you set to achieve. Weather it is love, career goals, financial success, or small life goals, you are as capable as any successful individual. Live up to your fullest potential! Embrace your intelligence and knowledge and live by it!

Remember that it is often the most ordinary of people who do the most extraordinary of things in life. And every great and successful person faced several intense challenges and complex obstacles in life to get there. So, get up and live up to the real you! The person in your dreams and the one who is in your mind. The person who has the courage to dream, the person who is also intelligent, and is full of potential!!!