Let perseverance be your engine and hope your fuel


Judgement of self is often higher than how others judge us. I have written about this in one of my earlier posts as well. People judge us by our actions, and behaviour and we tend to judge ourselves by our potential and what we can do. Either way, judgements are often wrong. What truly prevails is what we eventually do with the opportunities we get and how we shape our destiny by our choices and the actions we take towards becoming something in life.

Some of us find our circumstances to be an obstacle, some may have a disadvantage physically or some may feel that they do not stand a chance for whatever reasons they may find. Some give up on their dreams based on a few set-backs or failures in life. But at times, we assume that every individual who have achieved something in life were either fortunate and/or achieved their success as a result of sheer luck. We also tend to make snap judgement or assumption about people based on a single event or single bad decision they may have made in their life. Once again, our judgements of self and others can often be wrong.

Then there are those whose life stands as a poignant lesson for the rest of us about life and what we can achieve if we set our minds and heart on achieving them. They do not have the time to make judgements about others or self. They instead choose to spend their time and energy on doing things to change their life for the better and accomplish greater things in life. They too faced their share of obstacles, made sacrifices and at times fought against severe set backs in life, but they mastered the art of perseverance and relentlessly pursued with honest intentions and unwavering focus on accomplishing their objectives. While the world around them continued to form opinions, criticize and form judgements about their character and integrity, these individuals chose to take the a higher road towards their dreams. And when they reach their goals, the world honored their efforts and valued their achievements.

They are the essential and real life lessons for us. The for those who do not learn and draw the wisdom from such people, life continues to be filled with opinions, unaccomplished wishes and unfulfilled dreams. Once again it is the choice we make and the actions we choose to take towards shaping our own destinies.

Below is a list of individuals who have defied judgements, overcame their life obstacles and did things that stand as a lesson for the rest of us. I got this as yet another forwarded email from my energy source (my sister). But I wish to share this because this is very much aligned to what I blog about. Enjoy!, Share! and set out to become something you truly can be!

Remember: It is only the ordinary who often accomplish the most extraordinary things in life.