Qualities that makes others ADORE YOU


Remember being in awe of someone? You were inspired by someone or even felt a surge of instant adoration and respect for that individual? This happens when such people make us feel better about ourselves and in some ways nudge us towards seeing new positive horizons in life. These people often leave a lasting effect in our thinking and progress in our lives.

These inspirational characters possess certain qualities that makes them stand tall amongst the rest and often become a beacon of light in the darkest of times for others. Many of them provide a clear vision or idea about our possibilities that motivates us to do greater things in our lives. Some people are the moral strength for others, some are the trusted adviser and some are the much needed provider of a balance when one feels lost in our world of troubles. Many of us seek and depend on such inspiration and strength from others, but we often forget that we ourselves become similar sources of valuable support for others in their respective lives. Many a times, our loved ones, children, siblings, friends and family members seek for such positive and inspirational energy from us. Many of us perhaps do not realize this moment in our lives and miss the opportunity to become something much more that who we think we are for them, especially when they need us most. This often happens to be a crucial period in their lives where we have an opportunity to perhaps touch their lives in a way that will make a rather big positive difference for them. We may not realize how often and when such opportunities comes by our lives and we either miss them or find ourselves not being prepared to step up and become lot more meaningful for them and fulfil a valuable purpose in our lives.

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.
– Marianne Williamson

So what are these qualities that make people look up to you, adore you, respect and value you? Here are 10 qualities that you can develop and use it to become a better person yourself and a valuable person for others:

  1. Develop a sense of Humor: Laughter is the best medicine. Almost every challenge in life can use a little humor to help break the tension and review the issue on hand with a positive attitude. Humor inspires people; helps infuse some level of courage and breathe a fresh perspective in people’s life. Smile, laugh and spread some happiness. People will love you for bringing a smile in their lives to help break their tension and stress.
  2. Be helpful: We often reach out for help and seldom appreciate the timely value it brings into our lives. We all interdependent on each other in several ways. Just like driving through rush hour, we expect others to generally adhere to the traffic rules and be courteous of others sharing the road. If people on the road didn’t feel the need to be responsible and respect others needs to pass through the rush hour, we will be stuck in chaos. We invariably depend on others helping us in many such aspects in life. And at times we are blessed enough to have the opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need. Extend this courtesy just as you may need the same from someone else in your life.
  3. Be resourceful: We learn several things in our lives by our daily experiences. At times, what we learn are unique as others may not pass through the experience you have had. Share your wisdom, lessons, and experiences with others to help them do better. Of what use is the wealth of experience and wisdom if it hasn’t been of use to you and others? Make yourself available to help others with your wealth of wisdom , courage, strength and if you can afford financially to those in need. And do this without being asked for. Be proactive and take the initiative to help others by sharing what you have been blessed with.
  4. Cultivate a balanced opinion and demeanor: Express a balanced view point in life. People love to seek unbiased opinions that are free from prejudice, hate, or ulterior motives. A balanced person is also a lot calmer person in personality and demeanor for they possess the wisdom that everything changes in life and they embrace change willingly. Such individuals become lot more approachable and others value such personalities lot more and express this by respect and gratitude. Regardless of the issue, weather it is political, religious, social, or commercial, strive to cultivate a balanced point of view about things as no one can possibly know the entire truth and details on any of these subject matters. It is just an opinion based on the limited knowledge you are anyone has gathered on these matters. Do not forget that even subject matters experts are often wrong.
  5. Be unconditional: Express and give unconditional love, help, advice and respect to others. Learn to respect everyone for who they are and not who you want them to be. Respect their individuality and always remember that people are made by their individual experiences under specific circumstances that they were in during their experiences, just like yourself. People do not have to follow your advice; they do not have to do anything for you in return. A barter system doesn’t work when you are not in business. We are emotional beings and business is done best without emotions. If you expect something in return when you give something, this becomes business and the relationship ends once the exchange is done.
  6. Be honest: Honesty is the best policy. But you do not have to be brutal in expressing your honesty. Neither you need to be diplomatic. But you need to be politically correct and polite when you express an honest point of view. Honesty can be emotionally felt and understood deeply by others and dishonestly can easily be recognized by many. Others may not call you out when they know you are being dishonest to avoid awkward situations. But they will remember you as a dishonest individual and loose respect for you sooner. But they will always value and respect you for your honesty and hold you high in regard.
  7. Be a problem solver: Refer to my previous post on Problems solving. You garner instant respect and awe when you solve problems. But if you are a problems creator you will be avoided and have very little respect. Everyone has problems in their lives. They do not need another person to add on to their burden. But if you are a problems solver you become useful to others and help cultivate harmonious situations. You are held in high regard if you excel in conflict resolution, develop solutions to problems, and strive to bring peaceful outcomes to stressful situations. But you will never be respected for doing the opposite.
  8. Exude Confidence: Be confident about yourself. Confidence in self builds an individual’s self esteem and courage. Confident people inspire change, bring new ideas, get creative, accept failure as a part of the process to succeed and have the courage to do things differently. Almost every great person brought about the change and did something amazing because they were confident about their ideas and ability to do what they set out to achieve. These are the people who become leaders, motivate others, bring about change, and leave behind a legacy for others to build upon.
  9. Display humility: One of the most despicable aspects in people is arrogance and excessive pride. Arrogant people are least approachable and secretly hated by many. Even in close immediate families people secretly hate such people and avoid them as much as they can because almost every interaction with such arrogant people turns into a personal humiliation of self esteem and dignity. And no one would like to be treated in such a way. If you know you are right, smarter than the people you are dealing with, more knowledgeable or posses information that others do not have, it doesn’t make you a greater person than them. There may be several other qualities and skill sets that others posses that you may not have. Just because you are smarter it doesn’t mean that others are idiots. Be humble in speech and modest in behaviour. This is one of the major qualities that make people adore you.
  10. Be forgiving: This is one of the greatest qualities that one can ever cultivate in self. People who do not want to or learn to forgive and hold grudges belittle themselves in many ways as human beings. All of us do many mistakes in our lives, and some of us make severe blunders and all this is done at our weakest moments. We all are at the mercy of your spontaneous emotions which often over rides our ability to think logically and sensibly. But when we do such blunders we expect others to understand, accept our apologies, and move ahead in our lives. But we often forget to extend the same to those who have wronged us in their weakest moments. By expressing your displeasure with a calm demeanor and politely, you can move ahead by forgiving them and simultaneously invoke their guilt to correct themselves. Forgiveness is a greater charitable act that inspires positive developmental behaviours in others.