A dozen ways to change your life around this year


Oops! The Mayan apocalypse didn’t come true. The countless predictions, movies, documentaries and theories once again proved to be mere time wasters but sure did generate a lot of revenue. At the end, we continue to live, and battle our share of challenges and work towards pursing our dreams. Some big dreams some small ambitions but nevertheless we march along.

Another year older, wiser with a few more lessons learned and new wishes and desires we look forward to a better tomorrow as we did last January 1st 2012. But what truly push us forward are not our desires and wishes but the changes we have made within ourselves for the better. The experiences and lessons we have learned in the past and the wisdom we have gained from them is what shall drive us forward and help us progress towards a better tomorrow for ourselves. For those who never learn and never evolve it shall just be another year of broken resolutions, dreams, and taking comfort in blaming everything that they can but themselves.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. ` George Bernard Shaw

Every year and all through the year there are several things we can do to make us better. It doesn’t have to be on the 1st of January or the Monday. There no auspicious time to get better. The time to change is now. Here are a few things one should consider doing to make this year different and rewarding. Some of these may bring in big changes while some may just make you feel better. Either way, any of these things listed below will certainly help you move forward in life towards greater things.

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” – Brian Tracy


  1. Take responsibility of your life and your choices – Stop blaming others and circumstances. Take charge and action to change your life around. It is your life, so fight your own battles and bask in your own glory.
  2. Be courageous and fight against all odds to success – You are not the only one who needs to fight against the odds to succeed. Join the other great achievers and learn to stand tall and become courageous enough to fight and win your battles.
  3. Do not be cynical and negative – Turn your negativity and bitterness to positive energy and a fresh look towards the possibilities. Life is not fair and no one said it is. Yet people do many great things in life. The difference is in your attitude.
  4. Get up and solve your problems, do not dwell in it – Learn to see every problem you face as an opportunity to develop a solution. Think, ask questions and take steps to untangle the problems and device the solutions. Everyone has their share of problems and they all find ways to solve it or circumvent it. But it is your time and thinking that can help you solve these. Running away from things will never solve them.
  5. Awaken your conscience and realize true happiness – Be with your inner-self. Listen to your heart and draw the strength and wisdom from within. Your conscience is your compass. Do not do things against it. It will keep you more content with life.
  6. Become a greater person – Do things that makes you stand out and become a greater human being. Do things that makes you special and enables you to make positive changes to your world. A small gesture of charity, generosity and help will go a long way.
  7. Count your blessings and be grateful – Learn to realize the amazing gifts you have got in life as opposed to dwelling in your hurdles. You will only be amazed to see the countless gifts and support systems you are blessed with in life. Choose your friends and relationships wisely. Good choices in these often turn out to be pillars of support and courage when you need it most.
  8. Earn your respect – Live a respectable life. Earn your respect from your peers and people by learning to act in a manner worthy of it. Fight way the despicable person with you. By aware of your actions and behaviours because weather you like it or not you are judged by your actions and character
  9. Get healthy and look good – Take a good look at your health and  work towards getting healthy. Use your sensibilities and common facts to lead a healthier life that enables you to enjoy your accomplishments. Better choices in food, compensate for heavy lunches by opting for lighter dinners. Walk more, be more active. Don’t look for a parking spot near the entrance of the store. That few more strides will do a lot more good for you.
  10. Earn more, enjoy it and be wise with your money – Take charge of protecting and investing your finances as opposed to falling victim to economic patterns and bad advices. Basic common sensibilities are all you need to do well. Earn as much as you can. Work hard for it. And harder to keep it. Invest well, indulge a little, and use it to live better longer.
  11. Listen to life and learn the lessons it teaches us – Learn from your surroundings and the countless lessons that life offers you in abundant examples. Do not let your ego and pride stand between learning from your mistakes and improving.
  12. Give up your hate and prejudice. Nothing will damage you more than blind rage, anger, hate and senseless prejudice. And nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished by this behaviour. Every bitterest of enemies never solved anything by war or hate, but often they became the best of friends by resolving their differences and accepting and agreeing to be different and yet being respectful. Forgive those you can, let those you cannot forgive be, and allow time to teach everyone their respective lessons. You do not have to be the teacher for all. Let everyone evolve with their own set of experiences and life lessons.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France