The Zen Garden and your Life

  I recently met a person who casually told me that she was in multiple relationships and hence is a bit stressed. I found it a bit strange for someone who I met… Continue reading

Thanksgiving ….. taking a little time to be grateful

  For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson I used… Continue reading

Do something about it

Stop getting worse and unhappy by starting to get better and happy

  If we lived in a world that wasn’t changed, inspired, and moved by people who wanted to become better and do better things in life, we probably wouldn’t have come this far.… Continue reading

“Made people present thier best self to me..” Jim Carrey

How to achieve your goals and live your dream.

It is great to wish for amazing things for yourself. But you really need to first ask yourself what makes you think you deserve it and what are you doing to get it?… Continue reading

Criticism – How do you handle it?

Source: Ten Realities about Life People may laugh at your ideas, they may ridicule, disrespect and taunt. This has been so with almost every person who ventured out to do something great… Continue reading

Letting go and becoming happier

“We seek the divine creator to forgive our greatest sins, and he forgives. Then who are we not to forgive those who wrong us?” – Anonymous Aren’t we too quick to point fingers… Continue reading

Life problems and the art to solve them

  A “Solution Driven” life – to live a life of a problem solver Every sales person who is selling you something today often tries to position their product or service as a… Continue reading

10 important things you learn through the decades …only too late..

…but imagine if you knew and used this wisdom when you needed most ? In your 20’s 1)      Reality is bitter than you expected 2)      Nothing is fair 3)      Hard work or integrity… Continue reading