Letting go and becoming happier

“We seek the divine creator to forgive our greatest sins, and he forgives. Then who are we not to forgive those who wrong us?” – Anonymous Aren’t we too quick to point fingers… Continue reading

Life problems and the art to solve them

  A “Solution Driven” life – to live a life of a problem solver Every sales person who is selling you something today often tries to position their product or service as a… Continue reading

10 important things you learn through the decades …only too late..

…but imagine if you knew and used this wisdom when you needed most ? In your 20’s 1)      Reality is bitter than you expected 2)      Nothing is fair 3)      Hard work or integrity… Continue reading

Are you an Autodidact? -Amazing achievements of Self Learners

We live in a world of Self Learners and fast thinkers who are aided with advanced technology. And change has always been driven by such mind sets leaving behind the followers of conventional… Continue reading

When you know everything and do nothing….

  A man trips over a stone on a busy sidewalk across a café. This incident caught the eye of six different individuals. 1)      A teenage standing by – He laughed at the… Continue reading

Change is enabled by Non-Conformists

  Somewhere in this world today sits a senior executive in a company boardroom secretly disagreeing with the popular consensus of the people in the room because he or she sees something that… Continue reading

Lead and shape your destiny this year

  I have been writing and talking a lot about “change” in terms how one can become better and progress towards greater accomplishments and successes, personally, professionally and in certain ways spiritually. But… Continue reading

Do you have the courage to choose the right path?

  Amongst all the wonders we are blessed with, one of the most powerful things that we have got is the power of “free will” or Choice. Specifically the choices we can make… Continue reading

10 Qualities that makes people adore you.

    Remember being in awe of someone? You were inspired by someone or even felt a surge of instant adoration and respect for that individual? This happens when such people make us… Continue reading

Your potential to achieve great things is beyond your self esteem

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” ~ George Bernard Shaw… Continue reading